Build a natural health business

You’re not spending enough quality time with your family, you aren’t following your passions and you’re trading time for money. And, on top of that, you don’t quite feel like you’re fulfilling your purpose.

Life is just passing you by and you know it. You’re on autopilot. It makes you uncomfortable or anxious but you’re just not quite sure what to do about it.

You’re totally freaked out about waking up 5 years from now and being in the exact… same… situation…

You know you could currently be both working at your job AND on your fortune. But how?

Did you know you can launch your own natural health business for less than $55?

You dream about going out on your own, launching an online business, becoming a mompreneur but the thought is daunting. You can’t afford the start-up costs (time OR money) and going back to school is just not an option.

Caring for others is your priority. In fact, you believe if you start a business, that might seem selfish or take away time with your loved ones.

You’re already leading a relatively clean, healthy lifestyle. You use natural tools for minor health issues. You believe the body, when properly supported, can heal itself. You avoid bringing synthetic chemicals into your home and putting them onto your body. You also worry about the health of our planet.

Turn that $55 investment into a 7-figure empire

The solution is simple: turn your love of natural health and your ambition into a profitable biz while helping others.

Yes, you can get rewarded for being a natural health nut, create more time freedom and an income that allows you to achieve all of your dreams. The best part is you also need to selflessly help others do so to succeed.

Become a Wellness Advocate with doTERRA by clicking the button below. The Rustik Health team will run with you as fast as you want to run, and climb as high as you want to climb. And, trust me, we want to climb super high!

What you get:

  • Step-by-step instructions on building a biz
  • Weekly mentoring calls until launch (and more!)
  • Ongoing support from other inspiring women CEOs

Honestly, you have nothing to lose. And it literally takes 5 minutes to get you started.

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