What I learned from my natural lifestyle journey in 2019

We are days away from a new decade… and, like me, you may be reflecting on this past year. One of my proudest achievements from 2019 is how much of a natural living family we’ve become. It’s been a long journey (10 years!) but it’s become my mission is to help others like you fast-track their natural lifestyle.

Thinking back, these are the top 3 lessons I learned from my natural lifestyle and by reducing my family’s toxic exposure. I’m also giving you my top 5 natural ingredients to have in your home at all time! So read on…

1. A natural lifestyle can reduce stress and increase joy

We often get caught up in our day-to-day routines because they are comfortable and familiar. Even though you feel stressed out most of the time, the idea of changing up your routine might cause you EVEN MORE stress.

Or you might think that living a natural lifestyle is more stressful because you have to:

  • intentionally look for or make non-toxic products…
  • spend more money on non-toxic products…
  • discover if these non-toxic products are actuallly going to work…

One of the lessons I learned this year is that non-toxic living does not have to be a stressful experience – in fact, it has been the opposite for me. Continuing my family’s natural living journey has reduced stress and even increased joy. Mundane chores, like making the bed, have actually become fun and empowering.

Maybe it’s because of the:

  • aromatic compounds from the essential oils and their effect on the limbic area of my brain…
  • empowerment that comes from knowing you can easily reduce your family toxic’s exposure by mixing 2 or 3 ingredients together…
  • ease that comes from always having everything on-hand to refill your natural cleaning or personal care products…

Whatever reason it may be, going deeper into the natural lifestyle has definitely reduced my stress levels, given me peace of mind and increased the joy I feel each and every day.

2. Nature and humanity are undeniably interconnected

Inevitably, as I’ve progressed on this journey, my connection to nature has strengthened and the environmentalist within me has be reborn. I was hyper earth-aware but, as I grew up, became more disconnected with Mother Nature around me.

I got caught up in the rat race, conveniences of the modern world and my focus was elsewhere for a long time. Even when my focus was on my family’s health and nutrition, I wasn’t really considering my impact on the earth.

Sound familiar?

But 2019 is the year I reconnected and my motivation to help save our planet was further solidified by our non-toxic lifestyle. At first, this journey was all about me and my family but now it’s part of a larger mission – including helping the planet.

Some accomplishments I’m particularly proud of:

  • Finally finding a super natural DIY dishwashing liquid and powder that works well and that I get excited about.
  • Turning our large garbage into our compost bin and our small compost bin into our garbage can.
  • Putting a deposit on an electronic car to trade in our current gas guzzling SUV next fall.

There are small steps you can take and also big steps. They are all equally valuable!

3. The simplest and cheapest products are the best

I used to roll my eyes at DIY products, especially when the recipes were too complex. Actually, I still roll my eyes at complex recipes! That’s because living naturally is NOT complex so why make it so?

In fact, the vast majority of the natural products I use in my home – whether to clean the house or for personal care – are simply a mixture of 2 or 3 ingredients. Some are even just 1 ingredient! These ingredients are also super easy to find (you likely already have some in your pantry) and not expensive at all.

The more I researched and experimented with recipes (don’t worry, I’ve done all that work for you), the more obvious this became.

Here are my top 5 natural ingredients to always have in the home:

  1. Baking soda: deodorizing, exfoliating, scrubbing and alkalizing.
  2. Vinegar: streak-free cleaning, unclogging, restoring PH balance.
  3. Soap nuts: washing, washing, washing!
  4. Castile soap: all-purpose cleaning, hair care and body wash.
  5. Essential oils: detoxifying, natural fragrance, physical and emotional support.

Keep these on-hand at all times so that when you run out of something, you can quickly whip up a new batch within a matter of minutes.

Watch me talk about what I’ve learned from my natural lifestyle journey in 2019.


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