How I use my gua sha and jade roller

Last month, I was at a work conference in Toronto and had the pleasure of meeting a non-toxic lifestyle nut like myself. She was easy to spot: searching the EWG website on her laptop and carrying a GOOP bag. She smelled of honey and essential oils. There was no doubt she was my people so I had to go talk to her.

During a conference break, she had sneaked over to the The Detox Market in Yorkville and showed me her purchases. I gawked at her beauty finds. So, of course, I made my way over there too…

One of my most exciting purchases at The Detox Market was a gua sha contour tool. I already had a jade roller but had heard amazing things about the gua sha and some people even prefer it. I figured I must give it a try.

If I were asked to compare the two, I would say they’re both like a massage but the jade roller is a relaxation massage whereas the gua sha is a deep tissue massage. According to the company insert (Odacité Skincare), the gua sha tool can improve the appearance of:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Dark circles
  • Puffiness around the eye
  • Sagging skin
  • Breakouts
  • Skin’s radiance and glow

So the roller and gua sha have very similar benefits. I do see how some people prefer the gua sha because it does seems to be more impactful on circulation and massaging skin tissue. I’m currently focused on the gua sha to test it out but see myself alternating between the two.

I love how effective and easy-to-use-and-maintain these beauty tools are. Clean your skin, apply a natural face oil and use upward strokes. Don’t forget your neck! Simply wash the tools with a mild soap after each use and dry off. I like to keep my jade roller in the freezer for a fresh, cooling sensation.

Every now and then, expose them to moonlight to recharge them… although I honestly have been forgetting to do this!

My verdict? Get both 😉


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