Best summer detox foods

It’s summer up here in Canada so fresh fruit is the only food on my mind! When the sun is scorching, what better food to bite into than ripe, sweet and juicy fruit of any kind…

In general, fruit pack a powerful detox punch. Here are 3 fruits to focus on if you are looking to help your body cleanse and detox:


Apparently, the “grape detox diet” is a thing. You’ll find all sorts of stories about it by researching online. It usually calls for only eating grapes for extended periods of time (AKA a mono-diet).

Eating only one fruit in this fashion can certainly help detoxify by virtue of removing a huge burden from the digestive process. At this point, I can’t see myself trying or advocating a grape-only diet but I totally see why it’s a worthwhile indulgence.

Grapes are an excellent source of flavonoids and resveratrol, which support cardiovascular health, have antioxidant activity and demonstrate some anticancer effects.

Tip: grapes are often a heavily-sprayed crop. Although more expensive, it is totally worth buying organic if you have access and to truly support detoxification.


Blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries… there are so many good things to say about all the different types of berries!

The dark-coloured berries are renowned for their super high antioxidant levels. Did you know that, according to ayurvedic tradition, the red-hued berries are powerful lymph movers?

“The primary function of the lymph is to remove cellular waste while circulating the immune system throughout the body.” (Source)

Unlike the blood, there is no “pump” in our bodies to circulate the lymph. So on top of deep breathing, rebounding, drinking plenty of water and etc., make sure you are consuming the right foods!


This is definitely the fruit of the season. Is there anything more refreshing than watermelon on a blistering summer day?!

Since getting a new juicer for my birthday, I’ve been juicing watermelon every morning and consuming a good 20 ounces. It is full of pure water to help you re-hydrate, contains an important antioxidant called lycopene and is also a powerful diuretic.

Natural, food or herb-based diuretics are valuable detoxification tools as they help the kidneys filter and pass more urine. This is one of the ways you remove waste products and excess fluid from your body.

Tip: add a drop of doTERRA lime essential oil for extra detoxifying power.

What is your favourite summer fruit?


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