How essential oils work

This is by no means an exhaustive explanation or list of how essential oils work for the mind or in the body. But it gives you a general idea of what these amazing plant essences can do for you!

Here are 2 easy-to-remember ways essential oils work to positively impact your health:

Olfactory System

The most simple and popular way to use essential oils is by inhaling its beautiful scent. Okay, some of them don’t smell that great…

But remember! Regardless of what you think of the smell, that powerful aromatic compound is passing through your nasal cavity, getting picked up by your olfactory receptor sites and directly affecting the limbic area of your brain.

That means, you can use essential oils to positively impact your mood, enhance your memory and help manage your emotions. I love diffusing a citrus oil in the morning to take the edge off grumpy people and then a woodsy oil in the evening to wind down before bedtime.

Even though you’re just breathing it in, some of the essential oil components also get into your blood stream through the small capillaries in your lungs.

Passive absorption

Another way to use essential oils is topically. Essential oils are teeny, tiny molecules that easily pass through your skin. Some are said to even be able to pass through your blood-brain barrier!

They are so easily absorbed that your body doesn’t need to break down, convert or take up any energy to use them.

Although essential oils will make their way throughout the body, applying them topically can help you target a particular area of interest. I love rubbing them on my neck when I’m feeling tension, on my tummy when it’s causing issues or on my joints when they are sore.

What’s your favourite way to use essential oils?


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