My jade roller experience

I should first mention that I’ve had a love affair with jade for a long time. The colour is amazing and I’ve been lucky to be gifted beautiful jade jewelry over the years.

I’m not big into gemstones and crystals but I vaguely knew it had powerful healing properties. When I heard about jade rollers, I decided to take a deeper look. Turns out, jade is considered the stone of eternal youth. That statement in itself was enough to capture my attention!

The whole premise behind the jade roller is to apply pressure up and out across different areas of your face to increase circulation and lymph flow, smooth out wrinkles and give your skin a nice glow. It doesn’t take much more than two minutes to do so and I can attest to the glow!

To use, keep your jade roller in the freezer. The cooling sensation feels nice and can also help with any puffiness you may be experiencing. Prepare your skin by washing it and then applying a natural oil. I make my own skin oil and I’ve posted a couple of recipes here and here.

I highly recommend you use only the BEST essential oils as essential oils easily penetrate the skin and many can go into your cells… plus, the jade roller will further help enhance absorption. For good health and longevity, it’s extremely important for you to keep your cells healthy and toxin-free as much as realistically possible. Reach out to me to get started with the best essential oils and find out more here.

Wash your jade roller with mild and all-natural soap after each use, then put back in the freezer. And voilà! Repeat daily, morning and night.

Have you tried jade rolling yet?







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