Essential oils and vaccines

Mother's hands, child's hands, doTERRA zendocrine essential oil detoxification blend

This is so much more than simply plant essences to my family and I.

This doesn’t make much sense but I am vaxxed (by “way-back-when” standards), my son is somewhat vaxxed but I am TOTALLY anti-vaccination. Let me explain…

Although I had started on a natural health path well before I ever became pregnant, when I found out I was expecting I became really hard core. I started making everything myself: what I applied to my skin, most of what I used around the house and I ensured that every food product that went in my mouth had maximum nutritional value. Can you believe I didn’t consume any chocolate during my whole pregnancy because of the minimal caffeine content?! That’s how hard core I was… and I have zero idea how I survived that… I’m sure I lost my mind for 9 months. LOL!

I had never thought twice about vaccines until I became pregnant. I remember getting some shots in middle school and I know from my parents that I got some when I was younger also. But the whole concept freaked me out when I delivered my son. I had been reading up on it months before and my gut instinct just didn’t feel right about it. The whole concept of vaccines is pure genius but the actual execution of it is completely suspicious to me. Plus, the exponential increase in the number of vaccines administered to kids from when I was born to now is alarming in my opinion.

I managed to hold off on vaccinating my boy until he was 5 years old (MMR). In fact, he might never have been vaccinated at all had his dad and I not gotten divorced. It became a losing battle for me after the split because, let’s face it, there isn’t a lot of support out there for anyone that questions the medical status quo. We’re all a bunch of quacks.

So when I knew I’d have no choice but to see my son get some shots, I feverishly researched what I could do to support his body before and after vaccination. I wasn’t going to just let my kid get injected with sh*t and hope for the best. The first thing I learned in my holistic nutrition studies was that illness/disease is dependent on TWO factors: exposure AND susceptibility. I might not have much control over exposure but I was going to do EVERYTHING I could to reduce my son’s susceptibility.

As I was researching, looking for gentle and safe protocols for detoxing vaccinated children, that’s when I discovered essential oils. Most of the natural health tools I read about I already knew but the one that stood out to me was a specific blend of essential oils called Zendocrine. It was recommend I include this oil in an Epsom salt bath for my son. I immediately ordered a bottle and so became the obsession with essential oils as part of my holistic health lifestyle.

Since then, my son got vaccinated another two times. Once at 6 years of age with the DTaP vaccine followed by another dose at 8. Even though I have a bunch of natural tools at my disposal to support his body through this, I still haven’t become comfortable with the whole process. I might feel slightly more comfortable with vaccines if they at least contained ONE healthy ingredient. Like, seriously… we can’t have one vitamin, mineral, macro-nutrient, phyto-nutrient, antioxidant, etc.??? This is the ingredient list of the last vaccine my boy had:

  • Pertussis toxoid
  • Pertussis filamentous haemagglutinin
  • Pertussis fimbriae types 2 and 3
  • Pertussis pertactin
  • Diptheria toxoid
  • Tetanus toxoid
  • Aluminium phosphate
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Formaldehyde
  • Glutaraldehyde
  • Water

I felt sick to my stomach typing that. All that sh*t went straight into a young child’s bloodstream – bypassing important processes in the body’s immune system. Oh, but wait… it had water. That’s healthy, right?! For the first time ever, my son had an adverse reaction to a vaccine and I can’t even begin to describe how upset I was. You can bet he won’t be getting another shot for a LONG time!

I’m not writing this post to fuel the whole vaccine debate. How other people take care of their health is none of my business. I’m just here to share some tips for others that don’t feel quite right about vaccines but either choose to or are forced to go through with it:

  • Nutrition is the foundation of health. Make sure your child consumes as much nutrient-dense food as possible before and after. I make my boy chug down a green smoothie. It often takes coaxing and bribing, but you gotta do what you gotta do…
  • Let’s face it… it can be hard to get your child to make good food choices. To compensate, include a high-quality multi-vitamin and mineral supplement in his/her diet.
  • Fish oil and probiotics: these are non-negotiable, if you ask me!
  • Epsom salt bath with Zendocrine essential blend nighly for the next week or two. They may comment that it smells funny… but it small price to pay for amazing benefits.
  • Helichrysum essential oil with coconut oil applied around the injection site for bruising.
  • Lots of love and cuddles.

You’ll find other steps you can take but these are just the ones I ended up following through on. Most of these are things I also do on a regular basis just to maintain my son’s overall health.

I hope this helps others that felt scared and helpless like I did just a few years ago…


Disclaimer: please don’t take this post as medical advice. The intent is to encourage you to be proactive with your family’s health. There are simple, safe and effective tools out there to empower you and ensure you don’t leave you family’s health outcomes to chance. You are more powerful than you think…






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