November natural health order

For a myriad of reasons I won’t get into tonight, I decided to blog my monthly natural wellness order. Maybe one day I’ll blog about the reasons why I did so 😉

The big bottle is alcohol-free, essential oil infused On Guard mouthwash and it is my new obsession. Seriously, I had run out for a few days and I was freaking out over my oral health. Why? Because I see HUGE benefits from using this mouthwash every day. You only see me unpack one bottle here but I actually ordered two bottles – I couldn’t even wait to do this short video and blog post to start using it again. It’s now one of my MUST HAVE products. It also rates super well if you look up the ingredients in the Environmental Working Group database.

You also don’t see me unpack my second obsession, which is the PB Assist Junior kids probiotics. I’ve unpacked these a few times already and talked about them. I’ve ordered them regularly. However, the problem now is that I’ve tasted them… and well… they taste AMAZING! So I haven’t even been taking my “adult” probiotics anymore I just want the kids version. No kidding, I crave the stuff like I crave candy or chocolate. Except this is actually good for me. Have a hard time remembering to take probiotics? If you fall in love with the taste like I do, it will never been an issue again! In fact, you’ll have a hard time holding back from taking more 🙂

So now for the oils… I won’t explain all the different uses for these oils – because there are tons! – I’ll just cover what I used these for.

  • Clove: incredible antioxidant; good for oral health (Health Canada approved for internal use).
  • Bergamot: love diffusing at night for bedtime; on an emotional level, it’s an oil that helps provide confidence and self-esteem. It might sound crazy y’all but it works for me!
  • Lemon: an all-around great cleanser. What don’t I use lemon for? People also love it for the skin but make sure you avoid the sun for at least 12 hours if you apply it topically.
  • Geranium: this is another great one for the skin. It’s in the skin moisturizer I make. I like putting a drop over my heart when I need some emotional support. I’ll mix this with Clary Sage and apply topically for respiratory relief (and my beau loves the smell of this combo on me).
  • Black pepper: honestly, I’m just low on this one and not too sure why. It’s used a lot in pain blends.
  • Arborvitae: I love the smell of this one (think: wet cedar) so I diffuse it a lot with a citrus oil and flowery oil. I like to put a drop under my feet as a tonic.

Voilà! That’s my November health products restock.


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