Allergy and sinusitis relief

Contrary to what you would think, I don’t use this as a sweetener…

I’ve had sinus issues for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, during sleepovers with friends, they would tell me they knew I was awake the next morning because I would sniffle.

A bit later on, I also developed allergies. Chronic congestion is no stranger to me and I often sneeze for no good reason. Plus, if you knew how many boxes of Kleenex I go through…

Sure, I tried cutting out dairy in the past and that helped a lot. I even have a Neti pot that I would often use to try to get relief but the Bulletproof nasal rinse has made the biggest difference.

At first, I was paranoid I would get some of the mixture in my lungs (because I’m weird like that). However, I soon got used to the feeling of pulling water through my nasal cavities and into my mouth. It was more difficult at first, when I was still really congested.

Plus, lately I was having issues with my eyes but this has helped tremendously with that too. I do the nasal rinse twice a day and the eye rinse once. Plan to keep cutting back as my symptoms continue to improve.

Xylitol is the magic ingredient in this mixture. I ran out for a few days and the effectiveness was seriously reduced. There’s even scientific research on it for you science junkies 😉

(I haven’t tried with the grapefruit seed extract yet; haven’t needed to.)

Once I’m done, I apply super high-quality clary sage and geranium essential oils diluted in fractionated coconut oil. I don’t have science to link to here but it’s backed anecdotally from my aromatherapist course.

Hope this helps!


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