My vitamin love affair


Just a few of the many supplements I take on a daily basis.

I’m in a full-blown LOVE AFFAIR with my vitamin and supplement regime – and the love has never been stronger. Let me start from the beginning…

About 10 years ago, I registered for a holistic nutritionist program. I was OBSESSED with food and health, and wanted to know everything that I could. At that point, I had already slowly started supplementing on the advice of a Naturopath but I didn’t think much of it until I started this program.

I did GREAT with supplementation for a few years and was starting to feel the best I had ever felt. However, I soon fell into the you-should-be-getting-all-your-vitamins-from-food trap. This was amplified by the fact that I had been taking nutrition courses and was juicing and was getting in lots of greens, etc. If anyone was getting all their vitamins from food it was surely me, right?!?!

(Side bar: see how powerful public opinion is? Despite the advice of a professional AND the training I was doing, I still fell for public “wisdom”…)

It took a LONG TIME for me to pinpoint the problem as my body slowly and progressively left clues that it was unhappy with my decision. Sure, I was getting older and a bunch of life changes were happening so it was easy for me to blame my new health concerns on that. Plus, there was nothing medically wrong with me so I started believing it was “normal” to feel this way.

To be honest, I strongly resisted going back onto a vitamin and supplement regime and I only VERY RELUCTANTLY ended up doing so. After a couple of weeks, I couldn’t believe the difference… Despite my best efforts, it was clear I wasn’t getting all the nutrients I needed from my diet. And, frankly, nowadays our food is much less nutritious than it was “back in the day” so I’m not sure why people make it sound so easy.

(Side bar: the quality of the supplements I started taking probably had A LOT to do with the results I experienced… choose wisely.)

So now I get a bit upset (ok, very upset) when I hear people say you should be getting it all from food. ESPECIALLY when I also hear them say they lack energy, have aches and pains, and are dealing with emotional issues. I’m not saying supplementation is a cure-all for these but you might be surprised how well your body responds.

Also, I’ve noticed that ALL my health idols take supplements… it just makes sense to me to follow the advice of the people whose health I admire and aspire to replicate for myself 😉

Some seem to worry that if people start supplementing they will become complacent with their diets and not bother eating any nutritious food. I think it’s the TOTAL OPPOSITE. When people start feeling better, they start making better decisions. It’s way easier to pop a vitamin in the morning than to deprive yourself of your favourite treat… and I bet you’ll notice that when you start improving your health you will be less tempted to splurge on these treats.

~ Rant ends here ~

I hope this encourages you to pay more attention to how you are feeling in your body, maybe question some of your current beliefs and explore more deeply what might be stopping you from taking necessary steps to improve your health.

Wishing you all amazing, radiant health!


PS – I am not a medical doctor. I am not claiming that supplementing is a cure for physical and mental illness or disease. Always seek medical advice from your health care professional and let them know of any new supplementation regime you are considering.



2 thoughts on “My vitamin love affair

  1. Well Said! It’s amazing how easily we fall into the “public opinion” trap. We can be so blinded by peer pressure, that we ignore or wrongly justify obvious signs that we indeed are making the wrong choice.

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