Daily morning detox drink

I am totally a morning person. After 9 pm, and even leading up to that, I literally start shutting down. So the morning is when I try to do most of my work, chores and health-boosting rituals.

One of these rituals is my daily morning detox drink, which includes a pinch of cayenne pepper, the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of chlorophyll. Here’s why I chose these ingredients:

  • Cayenne pepper: this kick starts your metabolism and is good for weight loss. It’s also anti-inflammatory and reduces pain. I especially like it for its role in detoxifying.
  • Lemon: this is also a great one for detoxifying and an energy boost. It’s loaded with vitamin C and even has rejuvenating properties (holla!)
  • Chlorophyll: again – more antioxidants and a detox powerhouse. It also helps with alkalinity and deodorizing.

It’s not the tastiest drink but I’ve grown to love it.

Give it a try 😉


One thought on “Daily morning detox drink

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