Last days of challenge

Pumpkin and bowl of chickpeas

Halloween pumpkin and dried chickpeas from the pantry

These final days of the grocery challenge were quite… well… “challenging”. There were a lot of repeat meals and another supper out at the restaurant (oops). I did not buy any additional groceries and continued to use “existing” and “new” ingredients to fill our plates. However, I found the week to be EXTREMELY stressful.

Grocery shopping is actually one of my favourite things to do. I would rather buy food than any other item – that is always my splurge. So limiting myself at the grocery store and not going back at all during the week made me slightly miserable.

On the bright side, I did learn to make better use of the food I already have. I went to the back of the pantry and found dried legumes I’ve had for way too long and started soaking them. That Halloween pumpkin we have? It’s time to bake something with that!

I also found it stressful to not have as many healthy options in the house. I like to have a large variety of different vegetables, fruits, superfoods, etc. Limiting my groceries also meant limiting the different types of smoothies I could make during the week and I’m getting tired of broccoli as a side dish…

All in all, I discovered I will have to plan MUCH better if I want to succeed at this.

Any tips and tricks?


(PS – I spent $169 on groceries for this coming week and feel soooo much better already!)


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