Challenge day 2 & 3

Triple chocolate cake

Triple chocolate cake

Day 2 of the challenge was a bit of a cheat day… we basically had the same thing as yesterday for breakfast and for lunch. The afternoon and evening was a bit of a disaster from a health perspective. I didn’t mention this earlier but our household can include anywhere from 2 – 5 people at any given time. It just so happened that on day 2 we were five… and I definitely didn’t have enough snacks in the house to satisfy everyone.

So this happened:

snacks on kitchen counter

I’m still having nightmares about this

The family went to the corner store without me and stocked up on missing staples, apparently. Note to self: next week, make sure to buy better snack options!

In the evening, we celebrated a birthday and so we ordered take-out and bought a cake. I unintentionally bought a ton of food so we had some leftovers for lunch on day 3. For breakfast, however, I made my homemade granola. All ingredients were existing except for the cranberries and walnuts, which I bought on Friday.

Day 3 supper

Homemade beef stir-fry consisting of:

  • Ground beef (new)
  • Broccoli (existing)
  • Mushrooms (existing)
  • Rice (leftover from day 2)

Leftover birthday cake

I’m a bit worried about the next few days. I get the feeling I will have to start getting creative tomorrow. Plus, I have to prepare a school lunch and I’m wishing I had a few more items.

Time to rummage through the pantry…



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