Day 1: grocery challenge

Inside of fridge

Stocked up on food for the week

Today I felt good as the fridge had most of our necessities. I knew from the get-go what would be on our plates for the day and minimal creativity was required.

Just a few words on lingo… “Existing” means we already had these items in the house; “new” means I bought this during Friday’s grocery


A smoothie consisting of:

  • Banana (new), frozen mango (new) and goji berries (existing)
  • Kale (existing), parsley (new) and cucumber (new)
  • Hemp seeds (existing), protein powder (existing), holy basil (existing)
  • Water

Hard-boiled eggs (existing)

Coffee / Matcha green tea (existing)

(The smoothie was gross, btw. I never do them for taste, I always do them to pack nutrients. Usually, adding a date makes them more palatable)


Our favourite – antipasto (although, we had less antipasto goodies than usual):

  • Dry pork sausage (new)
  • Cashews (existing)
  • Olives (existing)
  • Rice crackers (existing)
  • Hummus (existing)
  • Salad – kale (existing), celery (new) and carrots (new)

Americano / Cappucino (existing)


Homemade vegan brownies (existing)


Mom and dad took us out to restaurant and paid 🙂

I’m guessing it won’t be this easy as the days go on… stay tuned!



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