All-organic grocery challenge

List of organic grocery items

My first all-organic grocery shopping excursion since my change in financial situation. Total cost = $122.71.

I’m undergoing a significant change in my financial situation. One of my first thoughts was that I was going to have to stop buying organic from my favourite little shop down the street because we all know organic is wayyyyy more expensive. Right?

Well, before I wallow in self-pity, I am going to test out that theory. My challenge: see how well I do with tonight’s groceries until next Friday while also using any existing food we have in the house. I can report in advance that my parents are taking us out for supper Saturday evening and I budgeted to order in this Sunday for Peter’s birthday. Keep that in mind… I will also disclose any “extras” that may be bought during the week.

My first win was tonight’s supper. Leftover balsamic chicken, mashed potatoes, salad including existing kale, carrot plus homemade dressing with some celery I bought today.

However, my first fail was that I was planning on only spending $100 in groceries for the week. That didn’t work out… I overspent by $22.71. We’ll see how that works out…



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