Bye, bye ear ache

Stuffed animal and bottles of peppermint, tea tree, lavender and basil essential oils.

This magic potion helped ease ear pain: a combo of peppermint, tea tree, lavender and basil essential oils.

Recently, we encountered a situation where a 7-year old boy in our home experienced terrible ear pain. The fun of the day quickly vanished and tears started to shed. This had been a common occurrence and so I didn’t panic but I definitely wanted to ease the discomfort as soon as possible until it was possible to see a health care professional.

I immediately reached for the following three essential oils and diluted them in fractionated coconut oil. I then applied them around and behind the ear with a cotton ball – never put essential oils directly in the ear!

  • Basil: This oil is great for anything related to the ear. Ear aches, ears popping in an airplane, etc.
  • Lavender: This is a wonderful calming oil – whether it be for calming the skin, body or mind.
  • Tea tree: This is one of the most antiseptic of all essential oils. Great support to address infections.

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Along with the pain came a burning sensation around the ear so I also grabbed my peppermint essential oil roller-bottle. Peppermint offers a soothing, cooling sensation plus helps “drive” the other essential oils into the skin (this practice is called “layering”). This oil is also great for pain.

Within less than 10 minutes, the boy felt relief and there was a significant reduction in pain. The tears disappeared… mommy win!

I hope this helps. There are also nutritional steps you can take to support this type of issue and I encourage you to also explore them…


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