DIY antibacterial hand soap

Super easy, cheap antibacterial hand soap

Super easy, antibacterial DIY hand soap using glycerine and OnGuard

I finally ran out of my supply of hand soap refills. It’s something I used to love stocking up on or getting as a gift. However, lately I’ve been anxious to run out of it so I could try making my own.

This is another two ingredient recipe (think deodorant) – my favourite! The first ingredient is The Soap Works pure glycerine soap and I chose it because it is:

  • vegan / all vegetable
  • gluten free
  • ph balanced
  • unscented (so I could add my own!)
  • free of sodium laurel, lauryl or laureth sulphate, and phosphates

The second ingredient is doTERRA’s OnGuard blend and I chose it because:

  • i love doTERRA essential oils
  • it contains clove, which is anti-microbial
  • it contains eucalyptus, which is an excellent cleanser
  • the combination of clove, orange and cinnamon is a great deodoriser / freshener

I used about one quarter of the bottle of glycerine soap, 20 drops of OnGuard and filled the rest of the glass soap dispenser with water.

It actually turned out quite thick so I’m thinking I will use less soap and more water next time. Regardless, it works great and the smell is amazing!

Enjoy 🙂



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