My first ever detox

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I’m finally going to make good on my New Year’s Resolution and will be starting a detox tomorrow: the HOL:FIT Essential 30 Cleanse. Can’t wait!

Since this is my first ever detox, I’m going easy on myself… This detox/cleanse places a greater emphasis on supplementation and is extended over a 30-day period. I figure it will be a good, gentle introduction to detoxing and I’m looking forward to moving towards more intense cleanses someday.

The supplements used for this detox are from doTERRA’s cleanse + restore kit, which includes a multi-vitamin, land+sea oils, probiotics, digestive enzymes, etc. I have already been using many of these supplements with amazing results! My energy levels, mood and ability to manage stress have never been so great. I’m super excited to try the rest of them.

It also includes a series of self-care rituals to help the detoxifying process. I’ll be making good use of my tongue scraper and dry-skin brush!

I’ll be posting about my progress along with any improvements I may be experiencing. The process hasn’t even started yet but, as part of the prep work, I discovered I likely have candida overgrowth. That could explain some annoying and lingering health concerns I can’t seem to shake off…

Wish me luck 😉




Natural DIY toothpaste options

Tooth brush, tooth powder and tongue scraper

Even as an adult, I find brushing my teeth to be the most annoying part of my self-care routine. Plus, there are so many ways to care for our teeth that I often find it overwhelming. I do the basics daily (brush and floss) but integrate other activities as much as possible without driving myself crazy (tongue scraping and oil pulling).

I use a few different types of homemade DIY toothpaste recipes and most are just one ingredient with an added essential oil. There are no specific proportions to these one-ingredient toothpaste recipes… I usually just use enough to cover the bristles and add more if necessary.

  1. Coconut oil + 1 drop of pure, therapeutic grade clove and/or tea tree essential oil
  2. Baking soda + 1 drop of pure, therapeutic grade clove and/or tea tree essential oil
  3. Activated charcoal (I gently brush enough powder to cover my teeth, leave on 1 – 2 minutes and brush off with water – careful, this gets messy!)

I also keep a jar of re-mineralizing toothpaste on-hand and follow this recipe minus the cinnamon and clove powder.

I recently bought myself a tongue scraper. An even cheaper option is to use a spoon but I thought I would do it more regularly if I got the actual tool for it. I really like the tongue scraper but, unfortunately, I still only use it randomly 🙂

My gums love it when I oil pull. I have super sensitive gums and they get irritated quite rapidly if I don’t oil pull for a while. My favourite is to oil pull with coconut oil and one drop of an essential oil.

How do you naturally care for your teeth?


DIY antibacterial hand soap

Super easy, cheap antibacterial hand soap

Super easy, antibacterial DIY hand soap using glycerine and OnGuard

I finally ran out of my supply of hand soap refills. It’s something I used to love stocking up on or getting as a gift. However, lately I’ve been anxious to run out of it so I could try making my own.

This is another two ingredient recipe (think deodorant) – my favourite! The first ingredient is The Soap Works pure glycerine soap and I chose it because it is:

  • vegan / all vegetable
  • gluten free
  • ph balanced
  • unscented (so I could add my own!)
  • free of sodium laurel, lauryl or laureth sulphate, and phosphates

The second ingredient is doTERRA’s OnGuard blend and I chose it because:

  • i love doTERRA essential oils
  • it contains clove, which is anti-microbial
  • it contains eucalyptus, which is an excellent cleanser
  • the combination of clove, orange and cinnamon is a great deodoriser / freshener

I used about one quarter of the bottle of glycerine soap, 20 drops of OnGuard and filled the rest of the glass soap dispenser with water.

It actually turned out quite thick so I’m thinking I will use less soap and more water next time. Regardless, it works great and the smell is amazing!

Enjoy 🙂